Sentry Management is an association management company providing sound, reliable, consistent, cost-effective management solutions to communities in the Low Country of South Carolina and the Coastal Empire of Georgia. We provide outstanding management services for Horizontal Property Regimes (Villas and Condominiums), Homeowner's Associations and Commercial Associations. We add excellent value to our communities as well as promoting community unity. Our services have set us above the rest. We are committed to delivering excellent association management solutions with enthusiasm and professionalism. With the highest standards of customer service and a fresh new outlook, Sentry Management is ready for the task - to create a quality community for the residents that we serve.

All properties managed by
Sentry Management will be inspected no less than three days per week. A detailed property inspection form will be completed that details the time, date and person inspecting the property. A copy of the report must be provided to one of the principles of Sentry Management on the day of inspection.

All violations found on inspection tours must be listed on Sentry Management violation forms on the day of the inspection and mailed out that day if possible. At no time should violations be sent out more than 24 hours following the inspection. All violations will be photographed as proof of the violation and either a copy of the photo will be included in the letter to the homeowner or retained on file to be provided if requested by owner. Because this is a cost issue, determination will be made by the Association's Board of Directors. All photos of violations will be filed in the homeowner's file. Reference to the specific item contained in the Covenants and Restrictions or Bylaws which details the violation shall be included in each violation notice to the homeowners.

All common property issues should be written up on a maintenance work order daily as identified. Three bids will be obtained where possible for all budgeted repairs for which expenditures exceed $500, or another limit if defined in the Association's Management Agreement. The Board of Directors contact person must approve these expenditures in writing. Violation follow-up shall occur on the date as described in the violation notice. If completed, a note to the file shall be made. If not, the corrective measures of the Covenant and Restrictions of the neighborhood shall be followed. At this time, a photograph shall be taken as back up.

Monthly, or at the stated interval of the Board of Directors, a detail violation spreadsheet shall be provided that states the date, time and house number of the violation, any follow-up or action taken and the results if any of the violation. A common property maintenance log shall be submitted on the same day as the Board of Directors violation. It shall detail the work order and any action taken or completed as to the work required.

At no time shall any funds being collected for any association or business entity be commingled with funds from any other business entity or association.

At no time without prior written authorization from the Board of Directors, signed by two (2) Board members, can any funds be withdrawn or spent from any reserve account. A detail of the expenditure shall be submitted to the Board of Directors or Business Entity on
Sentry Management letterhead. Once approval is acquired, a check will be written from the Reserve Account held by the Association on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Association or Business Entity.

All funds shall be deposited into the appropriate operating or reserve account held by Sentry Management on behalf of an association or business entity within twenty four (24) hours of receipt unless received on a weekend or legal bank holiday. The funds are to be entered into the computer into the appropriate account for each business entity under the correct name and address within the same twenty four (24) hour period. All checks written on any account held by Sentry Management will require two signatures before disbursement.

A monthly financial statement including but not limited to, Budget Comparison, Balance Sheet, Aged Receivables Detail, Aged Payables Detail, Check Register and Bank Reconciliation Statement will be provided. Also, the Agent shall provide a copy of the actual bank statement for each account. Financial statements shall be provided to the board of directors by the end of the month following the month in which the activity occurred.

Monthly, or at the stated interval of the Board of Directors, a detailed violation spreadsheet shall be provided. This spreadsheet reports date, time and house number of the violation, any follow-up or action taken and the results of that violation, if any.

All Monthly reports will be kept both in hard copy (three ringed binders) and electronically with backup. It is the desire of Sentry Management to produce all reporting to any and all clients via electronic mail (email) in efforts to be more environmentally friendly. Hard copies can be submitted also if required.

At the end of each year, a YEAR ENDING REPORT will be provided to the client. These reports will consist of a Year End Balance Sheet, Income Statement and a Delinquency Report.

It will be the policy of CCAM to assist the Board of Directors in filing tax returns by a CPA of their choosing. All documents will be provided in good order and completeness as to help reduce the cost of yearend audits and tax returns as required by the Board of Directors or C&R.


NO CASH is to be accepted at anytime on behalf of any association or other entity under the management of
Sentry Management unless authorized in writing by the association of business entity under management. It is the policy of Sentry Management not to accept cash at anytime and this policy must be communicated with all business entities associated with Sentry Management.

Monthly, all bank accounts both operational and reserve shall be reconciled with the bank account associated with that account. A Principle Member of Sentry Management shall review these accounts for accuracy monthly.


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